Find the perfect glass for your needs

Woodwork restorations 
the Verrerie de Saint-Just developed solutions which fit most old  window sashes
and meet high standards for thermal, acoustic, security and anti-uv performances.
We are able to supply a wide range of mouth-blown and drawn glass in single, laminated or double glazings.


                                Colonial   Mouth-Blown Glass                                                      Noble Drawn Glass
                                                        < 1920                                                                                   1920 to 1960
 Colonial     Noble    


Saint-Just Glass

                           Cordelés                                                       Art Glass Antic                                             Art Glass Color       
verre-restauration-cordelesArt Glass AnticArt Glass Bario

           Art Glass Plaqué                          Art Glass Bario                          Glass Slabs                       Decorative Objects
Art Glass Plaque
Art Glass BarioDalles

Other Glass

                          Wissmach                                                         Spectrum                                                         Bullseye                                       
Américains - WissmachAméricains - Spectrum Américains - Bullseye